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becoming september

Alhamdulillah,baby is entering its 7th week.EDD is September 2010 so this little one will be a nice 1th wedding anniversary gift for us.No,it's more than that,it's the most awaited gift of our marriage.When i found out,it was 4pm!I just could not believe it. i told my hubby wat the doctor told me 10 minute hubby also same with me..he cannot belive it...mana tak nya..kami terpaksa menunggu hampir sepuluh minit untuk ujian air kencing itu..nampak plak orang makmal tu siap tulis negatif...then dia potong dan tukar kepada sapa yang nak percaya...

tapi bila dalam keta en. suami senyum ja memanjang (tanda syukur dan suka la tu)...dia kata patut la ni garang semacam ja...salah sikit ja nak melenting...(betoi ka r...)
BUT the news kept us thinking n praying to GOD.I've been storing pregnancy and baby info ever since we got married and when i know the positive sign from the doctor,the feeling was amazing,it's out of this world!

Anyway,I'm doing great,never felt greater.No nausea alhamdulillah.I can still cook and do housework as usual.Everything is normal except that i become so sleepy.Everyone experiences things differently kan?

N Alhamdulillah coz en. suami
can see my tummy growing.
(sebab kami dah tak berjauhan lagi)

I am hoping everything will be going well and we will have a healthy baby.Pray for us,bye!

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2 Response to "becoming september"

  1. irshadian says:
    March 6, 2010 at 11:24 AM

    tahniah jiha

  2. jiha says:
    March 7, 2010 at 1:09 AM

    thanks amal...doakan kami sihat yaaa